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Manager: Brian Steinberg / bsteinberg@principatoyoung.com

Theatrical Agent: Fred Hashagen / HashagenF@unitedtalent.com

Voice/Animation Agent: Izzy Arias / AriasI@unitedtalent.com 




In short, I'm an Iranian-American comedy nerd who decided to give her parents the gift of eternal stress by becoming a writer and an actor.

But here's some more information: I was raised in the SF Bay Area where I attended UC Berkeley and studied economics. I never used my degree and instead moved to New York, where I pretended to be a student and became an intern at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Thus started my career. Predicated on lies. 

Since then I have been on TV (Last Week Tonight, At Home with Amy Sedaris, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, ThingStarter etc), written for TV (The Detour, MTV's Middle of the Night Show, shows that never made it to air), co-created and voiced for a popular podcast (Mission to Zyxx) and have done a lot of stuff on the internet (too many).

I'm part of the UCB Theatre, where I have made the rounds on all the house teams (Harold Night, the Digital Teams, and currently Maude Night with ARCHNEMESIS), and I currently perform regularly around the city. 

Personally, I love samples at Trader Joe's, samples at Costco and samples at farmers markets. Pretty much pro-samples. 

writing portfolio

Experience in narrative, live-action and digital comedy, both short and long-form.

See my full resume here

The Detour (Season 2)

UCB Comedy (Head writer)

MTV's Middle of the night show (Writer)

Mission to Zyxx

moujan zolfaghari

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