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Writer / Actor / VO 


Moujan Zolfaghari is an Emmy & WGA award-nominated writer, actor and VO artist whose Iranian parents and ancestors are all still concerned she has a career in comedy.  


She's been on At Home with Amy Sedaris, Last Week Tonight, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and can be heard voicing on Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai & Comedy Central's Tooning Out The News. She's written for TBS's The Detour, The Helpsters, Not Too Late Show with Elmo, Tiny Chef, various sketch shows for Comedy Central that didn't make it to air, and is currently in development on projects to come (in development, TBD, NDA, etc.). She is also the co-creator and performer on Mission to Zyxx, a sci-fi audiocomedy series on Maximum Fun. 


A veteran of the UCB Theater stage, Moujan performs regularly in both NY and LA doing improv, storytelling and more. She is one of the co-hosts and producers of THE FEMALE GAZE, a supersized daytime talk show at night (UCB LA, Caveat Theater NY).  

In her free time, Moujan likes to walk, eat food, shower, think about stuff and sleep.  

Moujan is Actor


Moujan is Writer

A WGA award nominated writer experienced in comedy/variety, live-action & animation. She has written for puppets, muppets, aliens and humans alike.

Mission to Zyxx

mission to zyxx

Moujan is one of the co-creators and voices on MISSION TO ZYXX, a science fiction audiocomedy series on MaximumFun. 


Currently in its fifth and final season, MISSION TO ZYXX follows a team of ambassadors as they attempt to establish diplomatic relations with planets in the remote and chaotic ZYXX QUADRANT… also known as the ass end of space. Each episode is fully improvised & then lovingly edited and sound designed.

In addition to voicing many characters in the ZYXX universe, Moujan plays BARGAREAN JADE a.k.a BARGIE, the sentient spaceship the crew calls home. Back in the day, Bargie was an A-List holofilm actress with a list of credits as long as her list of exes. Now she’s a weathered has-been trying to restart a movie career, while taking the fumbling crew across space. 


Read about us in AV Club, Life Hacker, io9, Entertainment Weekly (3/22 print edition) and Vulture. Or read the fan-made wiki. Or look at all the awesome fan art. Or, start listening to Mission to Zyxx on iTunes here.




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